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Follow Charlotte O'Hara's Leadership on key issues in Johnson County

"BOCC Budget Retreat", March 21st, 2022
It is time to OPEN up the Government in Johnson County. Transparency is a must!

Our taxes continue to go up and the cost of living is becoming unbearable for most of our residents. Meanwhile the BOCC wants to have a private "retreat" to discuss our $1 Billion Budget without the input or voice of the public.

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Listen to Charlotte on the Pete Mundo Show

Commissioner O'Hara talks about Mandates and upcoming county commissioner vote.


Commissioner O'Hara tackles abandoned building in Joco.

“The cleanup of this abandoned and hazardous building nearby Blue Valley Middle School is nearing completion and is coming in under budget, even with asbestos.,” says O’Hara.

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Charlotte O'Hara Speaks at Desoto City Council Meeting

“This is a huge project. What we were promised in the beginning was this was going to be a city and park concept.


This was going to be residential and that this was going to have high tech industry. Now we are looking at big, huge warehouse projects, which will increase truck traffic on K-10,” O’Hara said. 

O’Hara said she felt area residents need more information on the scope of the project and how it would affect their taxes. 


“This has been a long, long process and for the community really not to know about it is problematic,” O’Hara said. 


Commissioner O'Hara uncovers CRT in Johnson County

County Commissioner Charlotte O’Hara said the proposed diversity statement of JOCO Parks and Rec, which was the result of months of workshopping by a committee of park district staffers, evoked elements of “critical race theory” and was “destructive” to Johnson County.

“I just find it reprehensible that you are stating there is systemic racism in our community. There isn’t,” said O’Hara, during public comments at the meeting. “You need to be very, very careful about the road that you’re treading on.”

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Transparency Questions Raised about Allenbrad

"Transparency and Open Meetings act concerns have been raised recently over a meeting called by 6th District Johnson County Commissioner Shirley Allenbrand.

Frank Moles, unincorporated county resident, brought this to attention during public comments at the Thursday, June 23 commission meeting."

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OPINION: Charlotte O’Hara wants to save Johnson County Taxpayers….but will they let her?

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ks. – On June 23 the Johnson County, Kansas Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) announced its intent to exceed the Revenue Neutral Rate – a.k.a. raising taxes. 

During the weekly public meetings between the June 23 budget announcement and the approval of the tax increase on Aug. 25, only two members of the BOCC – Charlotte O’Hara and Michael Ashcraft – argued for a comprehensive review of the budget. These attempts failed, and the FY 2023 budget with a mill levy tax increase passed by a vote of 5-2.

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