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First I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who were key to our victory on August 2nd. There are many I will never know who simply stopped and picked up an O'Hara for Chair sign to help us clear the public right of ways after the primary and to also collect them for use in the November 8th general election.

So now on to the November election! And yes it is true that my opponent, liberal Democrat, Mike Kelly, is mayor of a sanctuary city, Roeland Park, which adopted a resolution in December of 2020 stating that their Police Department should not provide support to ICE for immigration enforcement.

From the Kansas Reflector, December 24, 2020:

The ordinance says city officials aren’t obligated to use any funds or resources to help federal immigration agencies, such as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or to share information regarding an individual’s immigration status. It also says the Roeland Park Police Department shouldn’t provide support to ICE for immigration enforcement, unless there is a “specific threat to public safety or crime in progress.

June 22, 2022 Roeland Park repealed and replaced the 2020 resolution and it states: Whereas it is common and well established policy of Roeland Park's agencies, employees and officers, not to conduct the work of federal immigration enforcement, with limited exceptions.

Unlike my Democrat opponent, I, Charlotte O'Hara, understand that public safety is job one and Johnson County must NEVER become a sanctuary county.

And for public safety I'm currently working hard to secure funding for the Sheriff's office to fill 53 vacant deputy positions. As I have stated before because of the shortage of officers, mandatory overtime is putting unnecessary stress on our officers and their families.

The contrast could not be greater: Mike Kelly, Democrat, sanctuary city mayor vs. Charlotte O'Hara, conservative Republican fighting to fund our Sheriff's office.

I need your help to get this message out, so please pass this email on to your email list. Thank you!!!

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