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The campaign for County Chair is heating up and I'm out walking precincts talking to folks who are struggling to pay the ever increasing tax burden. I am fighting hard to put the lid on YOUR property taxes and I consistently vote against tax increases.

My opponent? Mike Kelly asserted in our two primary forums that he reduced property taxes in Roeland Park during his tenure as Mayor. But then, President Biden has stated that we have ZERO inflation. SPIN, SPIN, SPIN that's what liberals do.

What is the record? Roeland Park's property taxes have INCREASED every year of Mike Kelly’s tenure as mayor and on last Monday evening he paved the way for increasing Roeland Park's property taxes yet again!!!!

Meanwhile, that same Monday evening, as Johnson County Commissioner for the 3rd District, I voted against advancing the property tax busting $1.651 billion proposed 2023 Johnson County Budget.

November 8th YOUR choice is clear for Johnson County Chair: Charlotte O'Hara, a common sense conservative, or my opponent, a tax and spend, sanctuary city liberal.

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