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As I am walking door to door, I find many people impacted by HIGH property taxes, the CRUSHING rate of inflation and the RISING crime in Johnson County. Neighborhoods all over OUR county are suffering from car break-ins and extremely serious car jackings. To think just a few short years ago these were extremely rare occurrences but NOW have become common place. Here is an example of rising crime here in Johnson County from a recent post on Next-door: WE NEED AN INCREASED POLICE PRESENCE AROUND STONE RIDE APARTMENTS IN OVERLAND PARK. THERE WERE 13 CARS BROKEN INTO RECENTLY. PLEASE BE ALERT!!! My heart breaks when I hear District Attorney Steve Howe talk about teens murdering or being murdered over small quantities of marijuana. I am silenced into horror when Sheriff Hayden debriefs the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners on the Fentanyl epidemic, caused by the Democrat’s open border policy. In 2021 Johnson County had a 35% increase in Fentanyl overdose cases with an average of 11 Med-Act transports per week. This crisis now requires every officer to carry the lifesaving drug Naloxone (Narcan) to administer when they receive an overdose call. Stories of the pain caused by high property taxes and the sobering facts of increasing crime along with the Fentanyl epidemic are the reasons I am running for Johnson County Chair. HIGH property taxes are not allowing OUR seniors to age in place. On fixed incomes, they simply cannot afford to pay property taxes which far exceed their original house payment. The chronic underfunding of the sheriff’s office has resulted in 60 vacant deputy positions because Johnson County cannot compete with neighboring jurisdictions’ pay scales. UNDERFUNDING is UNDERMINING our community’s safety. Recently, when I was out campaigning, I spoke with a Democrat who asked, “what are you” (meaning party affiliation), to which I replied “I am a conservative Republican.” Her response: Thank God!!! I am a lifelong Democrat, and I am DONE!!! 3 years ago my house payment was $1,080.00 a month, it is now $1,400.00. I had to get a second job to afford the house we bought 21 years ago. Johnson County no longer wants people like me to live here. And her statement is proven true year after year after year and especially proven true this year when YOUR Board of County Commissioners, on a 5-2 vote, passed a bloated $1.64 billion 2023 budget, doubling our 2013 budget of $815 million, but yet again underfunding the Sheriff’s office. Rising property taxes/underfunding of the Sheriff’s department, these critical issues are impacting YOU NOW and begs the question: WHO should be YOUR next Johnson County Board of County Commission Chair? A tax and spend, sanctuary city, open border liberal or a tough-minded common sense conservative business woman. I am Honored to be endorsed by both of Johnson County’s highest law enforcement elected officials: Sheriff Calvin Hayden and District Attorney Steve Howe.

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