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Our taxes continue to go up and up,  and our county leadership has failed taxpayers while subsidizing more and more developments. Soaring inflation, higher gas prices, and irresponsible government spending. Corporations before small businesses. Convenience over transparency. Empty campaign promises. 

"Politics as usual is not the answer."

We need leaders who work for the people - not special interests. 
Now is the time for good people to get involved to fix our broken government.

I'm running for County Chair to restore your voice!

Our children and grandchildren need us.

They need YOU!

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Our years of prayers and hard work have given hope that our nation will live up to the words enshrined in our Declaration of Independence: LIFE (first), LIBERTY and the PURSUIT to OF HAPPINESS.  It is a day to celebrate and say prayers of thanksgiving.

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1.  Transparency  - County Government open and honest to the people they represent.

2.  Public Safety  - Safe communities are prosperous communities. Support and resources for law enforcement.
3.  Protect Civil Liberties  - No blanket mandates, promote education, not subjugation.

Good morning, congratulations to Mike Kelly on his election as Johnson County Chair.  I have left a congratulatory message for Mike and will be speaking to him today.

Obviously the election results were very disappointing and difficult to fathom the across the board rejection of Republican values and vision for our county and state.

However, that does not give us permission to turn from the task at hand: working for the good of our community, our state and our nation with the fundamental rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as our foundational message.

There is much work to be done at it all begins at the local level.

So stay involved, stay focused on city council, school board, JCCC and the Board of County Commission meetings.  Speak at the public comment time about your concerns as to the decisions that are being made here at the local level.  We must all keep our shoulder the wheel.

And finally, THANK all of you who worked tirelessly on my campaign.  Yes we are all tired, disappointed and discouraged, but keep working, our message at some point will be heard and embraced.

One huge oversight that  I made in yesterday’s Facebook post was not acknowledging and thanking Anna Van Ophem, my scheduler.  Anna did an outstanding job of setting the schedule and making sure I was where I was supposed to be during the campaign.  Hats off to Anna!!!

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